Online Bake Sale for Japan!

Hi Guys! I’m totally excited about this. I’m joining an online bake sale to help Japan! Woo! What’s better than helping people in need by doing something you enjoy? Clearly, The Tomato Tart, who organized the whole thing, is smart and pretty. The auction starts on March 30th, though the snacks will be posted by March 28th for your drooling convenience. The highest bidder gets some amazing goodies and all the profits go to Second Harvest Japan.

I’ll be donating two dozen Blueberry and Cream Cookies for the cause. Please, all of you should stop  by The Tomato Tart on the 30th and bid your hearts out. If not for my cookies (fine, be like that!), then for one of the other amazing treats. It’s for a good cause, after all.


4 thoughts on “Online Bake Sale for Japan!

  1. Definitely, what time does the bidding go to?
    I am working and then traveling a few states to see a special loved one. But I will make sure I bid

  2. Smart and pretty, indeed. I’ll definitely check it out! But just in case, I hope you made two dozen and one of those cookies…

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