Too long

 I’m sorry for my absence. It’s been too long. But there have been reasons.

There have been business trips to Chicago (and side trips to the Purple Pig, always).

There have been bittersweet last days at first jobs.

And sweet first European trips with loved ones.

There have been lemon groves…

And Italian saints.

Lazy days…

And history lessons.

There has been delicious food and so,…

So much wine.

There have been beautiful views…

And amazing memories.

But there has been absolutely no cooking, whatsoever.

So I’m sorry that in all the chaos it has been so long since I visited you here, but there were reasons. And now that I’m back—from the most tumultuous personal and professional month I’ve had in a couple years—I’ll try to be better. I’ll be back in the kitchen as soon as I unpack. Promise.

And I’m excited to be back…the Holidays are upon us, after all.


2 thoughts on “Too long

  1. Beautiful, good reasons for no posts.
    For you it makes me smile, puff up with pride, and have tears of joy for being with you and for leaving your wonderful companionship.

  2. What gorgeous photos and a wonderful trip. Take care Cali, I hope the tumultuousness is over for you and that you are just beginning a new but amazing chapter of your life. It does sound like quite a month. Happy almost Thanksgiving!

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