Rocky Mountain Bars

Oh, Rocky Mountain Bars, I have such fond, fond memories of you. You were the best part of a birthday, when you came to school with me to share with the class. You know, back in the stone ages when that sort of thing was allowed and no one was worried about food allergies or food poisoning; back when the world was fun. Your fudgy texture, your crispy bottoms, your puffy marshmallows-just heaven to an eight year old.

I have no idea why I started thinking about these a few weeks back, but once I had them in my head, I couldn’t get them out. I think I forced my mother to make these for my birthday every year of elementary school, and maybe into middle school, if I’m being totally honest. I wanted that fudgy texture, that deep chocolate that I remembered from childhood.

Unfortunately, as is so often the case, what was once the most-delicious thing ever, conjuring up childhood nostalgia with gusto, now falls short of the hazy memory. Palates change, our foods change, we change. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s life at its most natural, but there is a hint of regret when you realize you no longer love something you once did.

Don’t get me wrong, these are everything they’re supposed to be-gooey and chocolaty, with a welcome crunch-and they are good. But they are for kids. Sweet,  on sweet, on sweet. Luckily, they are also probably the easiest treat to make…ever. So if you have some children milling about, you need to make these immediately so that they can become part of that child’s memories, like they were mine. As for the adults, I have some ideas about how to gussy these up into something for us too. A little tweak and maybe these can adapt to the new people we’ve become.

Rocky Mountain Bars 

I have NO idea where these came from. Server 16-24.

1, 16-oz bag chocolate chips
1 c butter
2 c icing sugar
2 eggs, beaten
4 c mini marshmallows
Graham wafers

  • Mix first four ingredients together and melt at low heat
  • Let cool slightly and add marshmallows
  • Line a 9 x 13 pan with graham wafers (beak them apart so that they fit)
  • Spread mixture over wafers and sprinkle with icing sugar
  • Refrigerate (I prefer these after they’ve sat out for a little and are nice and gooey, so remember to remove them from the fridge a little before serving)

3 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Bars

  1. I have totally been deprived…and I always thought I had the perfect childhood. Must go to therapy…and complain about never having these in my lunchbox. Well, at least I can fix the situation for my kids. Must make these soon…avoid the mom blame game when my kids go to therapy. Thanks!

  2. Great. Reminds me of my childhood too. One if the first items I learnt to make. We called it Chocolate Fridge Cake though – not as exciting! Since then, I mostly hear it referred to as Rocky Road, but like your Mountin reference!

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