Momofuku Malt Cake

Momofuku Malt CakeSometimes you just need something ridiculous for dessert. When that happens, you need to turn to Momofuku.


Christina Tosi is a genius. Milk crumbs? Salty, sweet, crunchy texture bombs inserted into an already crazy malt-soaked deep chocolate cake? Genius.
DSC03201Oh, you’ll think the sauce is too sweet (it isn’t). Then you’ll think it’s the stickiest sauce you’ve ever dealt with (it is). Then you’ll think, “Seriously, this cloying sauce AND marshmallows? There’s no way…” But you’ll be wrong. It’s perfect and it’s because of the milk crumbs.DSC03202

Please don’t be a doubter; if it’s momofuku, it’s probably awesome. This cake is no exception. Yes, it’s a bit of an undertaking; there are 4+ components (malted chocolate cake, malted chocolate ganache, malted chocolate milk crumbs, malted milk, toasted marshmallows), 3 layers and an overnight stay in the fridge. But it is soooooo worth it. And really, the weirdo savory milk crumbs and slighter bitter burned marshmallows take it from something gooey and delicious to something gooey, crunchy, salty, sweet, malty and mindblowing.

Because sometimes you just need something ridiculous for dessert.

Ok, I’m going to be honest: I’m just too lazy to rewrite this recipe here (it’s loooooong); Bon Appetit did a fabulous job and I’m sure that I would accidentally skip a step. So the recipe, should you want it, is here. Make the cake exactly as written and you won’t be disappointed.


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