Goat Cheese Pound Cake

Goat cheese pound cakeWoah. Ok, so the thing about winter is that is gets really dark, really early. And it’s really hard to take good pictures of your food, when it’s dark at like, 10 AM (total exaggeration). And if you’ve sat on the couch all Sunday and watched 6 hours (total underestimate) of oh, say, The Walking Dead (don’t even get me started on the awesomeness), instead of getting your butt up and cooking, you don’t stand a chance of getting a good picture, so why even try. And that, my friends, is how you lose 6 weeks to the no-blog abyss.

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Almond-Cranberry Cake

I hear it’s supposed to snow tomorrow. You probably want to bake this, so that it fills your house with warm smells and reminds you that the Holiday season truly is here.

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Roasted Strawberry Scones

I have been a seriously bad blogger lately. It’s like I blinked and Gah! It’s suddenly two weeks later, with no posts to be seen! The main reason for my lack of posts is that I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been cooking. Unless, of course, you consider broiling a whole wheat Pita and slathering it with peanut butter. If you consider that cooking, I’ve been doing a TON of it. At any rate, I apologize (I’m sure you were heartbroken ::tongue in cheek::); I made something to make it up to you.

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Breakfast Quinoa

I’m a breakfast believer. Part of it is probably that I love breakfast foods-cereal, oatmeal, smoothies (particularly chocolate, banana, peanut butter protein smoothies), eggs (sunny side up! poached! always runny!)-so why wouldn’t I take every chance to eat them? Part of it is that 2-3 days a work week, I’ve already been up for 2 hours and to the gym by the time 7:30 rolls around and damn it, I am HANGRY. But mostly it’s that I believe it’s good for you; it starts your day off right, giving you energy and kickstarting your metabolism. Because I eat breakfast every single day, I can easily find myself in ruts. I’ll eat nothing but cereal for a month straight and then follow that up with 3 weeks worth of smoothies, then 4 weeks of overnight oats. I’m always looking for new options, so I was thrilled when I found this one.

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Lemon-Sugar Pull-Apart Bread

I think I owe March an apology. It’s always been my least favorite month and I’ve not been shy about that declaring that fact. It falls at the tail end of winter, when we’re all just sun-starved and anxious for spring, and tortures us with it’s cold wind and barren  trees. Usually. This year, March has been a dream-nothing but unseasonably warm weather and sun. Even if the temperature plummets tomorrow, I think March has done plenty to disprove its unsavory reputation. So I’m sorry I was always so hateful towards you , March. I’m glad you’re here.

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Apple-Berry Baked Oatmeal

My apartment has temperature-control issues. In the summer, it’s sweat lodge-hot. In the winter, it’s igloo-cold. Apparently, the seasons have officially changed, because this morning I woke up to a frigid apartment, far far colder than the ambient temperature outside. What better way to start off a chilly October Saturday morning, than with a wedge of baked oatmeal.

Warm me up