Bacon Brittle (and a few cakes)

Things you should know if you agree to help make ten cakes, of eight different kinds, for a dear friend’s wedding:

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Smoked Salmon BLT Salad

Another bit of a gap between posts here, I know. I have a good excuse though. At the beginning of the month, I escaped the ridiculous whygodwhy heat of New York City and found myself here:

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Bacon and Date Scones

Everyone loves brunch; it’s true. Show me a person that dislikes brunch, or is even luke-warm towards it, and I’ll show you…well I can’t honestly think of anything clever, but I do have pictures of grinches and pitchforks and puppy-killers running through my head. Brunch exists everywhere, but one thing is true: nowhere does brunch like New York does brunch.

Careful, there’s meat in the scones…