Banana Bread

Ugh, what a week. On top of an absolutely ridiculous, aggravating, LONG work week, I managed to contract some sort of beezelbug that has knocked be down about a billion notches. You know what? It’s Friday, let’s not even talk about it. Let’s just make something comforting.

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Chocolate-Walnut Banana Cake

For me, banana bread and banana cake just do not get old. For starters, banana bread batter is, hands-down, the best batter to eat straight from a bowl. It’s just sweet and fragrant and usually tastes strongly of butter, even though there’s rarely much butter in it. The bananas give it a thick, sticky, smooth mouth feel that cannot be beat and ensure that the final product is always moist. Second, it’s just so easy! You can keep over-ripe bananas in your freezer and bust them out any time that you just feel like baking. Plus, fruit means it’s good for you, amIright?

Cake ahead

Hummingbird Cake

For Easter dessert, I was planning on making something called Angel Pie, a family recipe that is simply a meringue, topped with lemon curd and freshly whipped cream. Perfect and simple and oh-so-spring. But not so perfect when the forecast calls for humidity. Meringue and moisture do not mix; it is a very bad idea. And so, the hunt for a new dessert was on. I landed on this one pretty quickly.

Flitter flutter

Guilt-free Banana Oat Bread

I love, love, love bananas. I’m not much of a fruit girl, really. Oh, I love berries when they’re in season-raspberries and strawberries and cherries-but that time is fleeting. If you put an apple or an orange in front of me, I’ll eat it, and I’ll even like it… assuming it’s not a macintosh, that is. But I would never go out of my way for an apple or an orange or a pear or a grape for that matter. Bananas though, bananas are my boo.

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Banana Bran Muffins

I heart muffins; I really, really, do. They’re like little, personal-sized, happiness-inducing breakfast cakes. Even their name is cute…say it with me…muffin. What’s so great about these little guys is that there really is a muffin for every mood. Chocolate craving? Check. Want fruit? Check. Extreme hankering for poppyseeds? Sure. How about something not too sweet and fiberlicious for breakfast? Check out these babies.

Muffins ahead!