Butternut and Barley Salad

I guess I should talk about it, right? I think I’ve been putting it off because I’m not sure how to say what I think I need to. And I’m not sure what I could say that everyone hasn’t already heard a million times this week. That Sandy, what a bitch.

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Roasted Beet and Barley Salad

Sure, summer can be about fancy tarts and savory pies and multilayered cakes. But when it really comes down to it, summer is usually about eating simply and enjoying a few beautiful ingredients at a time; about not muddling the flavors; about spending no more time than necessary in the kitchen.
I didn’t find this recipe anywhere. I just had some beautiful beets and some nutty barley and a need for some lunches throughout the week. Everything in this recipe was in my pantry, no run to the store in the oppressive heat necessary.

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Mediterranean Barley Salad

The last couple months of the year are a precarious balancing act. How does one hit up 35 holiday parties, complete with indulgent food and overindulgent drink, and still manage to escape unscathed, at least as far as the scale is concerned?As far as I can tell, you can’t. Even this past week, before the Holiday wave had officially hit, there was a wine-and-naan-only dinner and a fried chicken and chocolate birthday cake fiasco. If you’re like me and have little-to-no self control around good food and drink, you’ll probably be feeing it come January. But what you CAN do is try your best to make those in-between meals as earnest as possible.