Orange and Chocolate Scones

If you can make a biscuit, you can make a scone. That’s all they are really; sweet biscuits that you can have for breakfast or tea, preferably with clotted cream. Or, if you put big hunks of chocolate in your scones, you can skip the clotted cream.



Molasses Cornmeal Bread

When things aren’t quite right, I bake. When work is spiraling out of control at high speed and my personal life is stuck in neutral, I bake. When winter is too long and the sun is too absent and I’m feeling too restless, I bake. When my house is out of order and life feels a little unsettled and I feel like I’m waiting for some undefined something to put things back in place, I bake. There is nothing more soothing or calming in my world.

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Banana Bran Muffins

I heart muffins; I really, really, do. They’re like little, personal-sized, happiness-inducing breakfast cakes. Even their name is cute…say it with me…muffin. What’s so great about these little guys is that there really is a muffin for every mood. Chocolate craving? Check. Want fruit? Check. Extreme hankering for poppyseeds? Sure. How about something not too sweet and fiberlicious for breakfast? Check out these babies.

Muffins ahead!

Farro Salad with Buttermilk Dressing

I bring my lunch to work almost every day. I try to keep my lunches light; you know, to avoid the 2PM face-in-the-keyboard syndrome. My favorite lunches to have around for the week are grain salads. They can be made ahead of time, I generally make a big batch on Sunday nights, and they keep well, so I can eat them throughout the week. They’re great for you, with tons of fiber and vitamins, depending on your veggie choices…and all the calories you save can be put towards left-over whoopie pies. But the best part is that they’re freakin’ delicious! Plump, chewy, nutty grains, fresh veggies and of course, cheese, because it makes everything better. Always.

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Makin’ Whoopie

In July, I took a trip to Portland, Maine with my mum. One of my goals while I was there was to find my favorite whoopie pie. Being from the midwest, whoopies are something I was unfamiliar with until I moved east. They’re decidedly a northeastern phenomenon and the Mainers are particularly serious about them. Since they’re essentially inside-out cupcakes, and totally adorable, I was won over quickly. Over the 5 days I was in Maine, I tried bunches of different whoopies of all different sizes and flavors. The one from Two Fat Cats (below, left) was fabulous, but my ultimate favorite was the little whoopie from Cranberry Island Kitchens (below, right).

Whoopie! More ahead!