Momofuku Malt Cake

Momofuku Malt CakeSometimes you just need something ridiculous for dessert. When that happens, you need to turn to Momofuku.

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Goat Cheese Pound Cake

Goat cheese pound cakeWoah. Ok, so the thing about winter is that is gets really dark, really early. And it’s really hard to take good pictures of your food, when it’s dark at like, 10 AM (total exaggeration). And if you’ve sat on the couch all Sunday and watched 6 hours (total underestimate) of oh, say, The Walking Dead (don’t even get me started on the awesomeness), instead of getting your butt up and cooking, you don’t stand a chance of getting a good picture, so why even try. And that, my friends, is how you lose 6 weeks to the no-blog abyss.

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Lemon Layer Cake

Lemons are magical, aren’t they? They are Jacks of all trades, Masters of all, and infinitely adaptable chameleons in the kitchen. Their juice goes onto fish, into salad dressings and marinades, over pasta, into soups, and in a fit of kitchen chemistry, becomes hollandaise (the most perfect sauce of all time). Their zest is added to everything from savory sauces to fruit crumbles. They are always the strong supporting actress, but rarely the lead. When they do win that coveted role though, they always come away with an Oscar.

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