Zucchini Ribbon Salad

I haven’t been on as much of a zucchini binge as I’m usually on this time of year. Most years, by the end of July, I’m verging on sick of the summer squashes, having eaten them in every form, from zucchini pancake to zucchini bread. But this year, I don’t know, I just haven’t been buying them and so I guess I haven’t set the zucchini-obsession train in motion properly. Up until this week, that is. They’ve been an integral part of two dinners in the last 5 days…the train is definitely in motion now and thank goodness, because I have a couple of months to make up for!

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Chicken and Kale Casserole

Oh man, I am so, so pissed. Can you see it? Look closer. Right there, near the center, but slightly down and to the right. The smudge, the slightly blurry smudge marring every. single. one. of my photos. I’m like to scream. At first, I thought I was just going blind-12 hours a day on the computer will do that to a girl. But then I realized that it was true, that evil little smudge was real and not even one of my photos escaped its greasy grip. So I guess c’est la vie; things cannot always be perfect. I still have to tell you about this food. Let’s move on.

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Broccoli and Gorgonzola Pie

I know, I know, my posts have been few and far between recently. I’ve been averaging one a week for the last little bit. Pretty unacceptable, if you ask me. The thing is, I’ve been working my ass off lately and honestly, when I get home late, all I want is to do my best impression of a vegetable for an hour before I go to bed. Then, I don’t know, on top of that, March exploded with social activities and though I’m in no way complaining about having too many friends or too many restaurants to go to (oh boo hoo poor me), I have to admit that I miss my apartment and my cats and my trash tv just a little bit. I’m a bit of a homebody like that. So, sorry for the neglect. I can’t promise you it will get any better through the month of April, which is shaping up to be complete madness too. In the meantime, I’ll tell you about this tart, which has been on the roster for WEEKS now.

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Beet Risotto with Blue Cheese

I absolutely adore beets. They’re sweet but still savory, fragrant and gorgeously colored. I live in New York, so when I grab lunch from the place around the corner, 99% of the time it’s a build-your-own-salad. And 100% of the time, one of my 6 ingredients is beets. But you guys, it snowed this weekend. Snowed. In October. If this is a sign of things to come, I’m moving to Costa Rica for the winter. Well, maybe not, but at minimum, I’m putting away the salads for a few months. It is clearly no longer salad season; it’s risotto season.

She got the beet…

Corn and Poblano Pudding

Summer is almost gone guys! Yes, Labor Day signifies the unofficial end of summer, but we all know that it generally hangs around a few more weeks. I know, the breeze is cooler and the days are shorter and there are promises of apple cider in the air, but it’s just not time to give up on summer. Not just yet. The tomatoes are still here, and so is the corn. Recipe after the jump…