Coconut-Vanilla Cupcakes

I totally missed it. Right there, in the midst of a crazy workweek: August 15th. My 2-year anniversary of this blog. Things have definitely changed since year one. For starters, my posts have slowed down; you may have noticed….or maybe you didn’t. At any rate, I clocked in at 100 posts for year one, but only 75 for year two. It’s okay with me though. Part of it is that I don’t have as much time for cooking now-jobs and life and all that jazz. The other part is that I realized that it takes all the fun away if I’m stressed about making food…for the blog. I should never be making food for the blog. I should be making food for me and for you and if it’s good enough, then I can share it. And so that’s what I’ve been doing, and what I’ll continue to do into year three.

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Lemon-Blackberry Cupcakes

What a week. This week has been a whirlwind of work and science and clients and go go go go go go nodontstop! Truthfully, it’s been more like the last 3 weeks of insanity. My brain has officially liquified. I need a cupcake.

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