The Best Chocolate Mousse

I can’t say I’m particularly choosy with my affections; there are lots of things that I love. All the Holidays fall into this category, as do half of the seasons. I love food (all of it), I love wine (most of it), I love my friends, I love my cats ( and dogs too), I love my family. I love thunderstorms and blue skies and snow. I love the ocean and I love the mountains. I love New Orleans and Chicago and New York and San Francisco (I do not love L.A.). I love peanut butter and chocolate and anything that combines the two. I love birds. I love sushi. I love the smell of bergamot. I thought I didn’t like blueberries, but slowly I’ve come to love those too. I love bright nail polish and tall boots and hoop earrings (always have, always will). I love short skirts. I love about 1000 tv shows, some worthy, some not (it’s a weakness). I love books and I love my magazines, even though I barely have enough time to read them each month. I love a dinner party. I LOVE a themed dinner party. And I LOVE a Oscars themed dinner party.

And the Oscar goes to…


Bacon and Date Scones

Everyone loves brunch; it’s true. Show me a person that dislikes brunch, or is even luke-warm towards it, and I’ll show you…well I can’t honestly think of anything clever, but I do have pictures of grinches and pitchforks and puppy-killers running through my head. Brunch exists everywhere, but one thing is true: nowhere does brunch like New York does brunch.

Careful, there’s meat in the scones…

I dip, you dip, we dip!

It’s officially holiday season and that means that along with brisk air and orange leaves, comes the endless torrent of holiday parties. Chances are you’re going to be called upon to bring something delicious to at least one one of the upcoming shindigs. Sure, dips are so…boring?….expected?….lame? Yeah, most dips are all of the above, but I promise you, NO one will complain when you show up with one of these.

Let them eat dip!

Crepes and Moustaches

There’s nothing better than a dinner party. I really just love them. I love the preparation as much, if not more, than the actual event. Yes, it can be frantic, but it can also be calming and oh-so-satisfying in the end. I had the work girls over about a week ago. My go-to dishes for parties tend to be a large pot of something meaty and braised; I feel like there’s no better way to feed a large crew and, honestly, it’s hard to screw up a braise. Unfortunately, there was a large proportion of vegetarians (43%!?!) coming this particular night so the meat was out. After several conversations with my mom, I ended up with a variety of crepes, which are easy, fun and oh-so-girly.

Crepes after the jump…

The First Supper!

So this wasn’t my first dinner party, but it is the first once since I started this here little blog. As dinner parties go, this one was disjointed, to say the least. Indecision, one of my few (ha!) less-than-awesome personality traits, won over and I just couldn’t pick a theme. What I ended up with were loosely french appetizers, moroccan main course and an english dessert. You know how you’re never supposed to try out new recipes on guests? Yeah I don’t follow that rule. Dinner parties are my chance to experiment with a whole lotta recipes all at once. It might be ill advised, but shoot, it’s fun. Keep ‘er movin’, there’s more!