The Queens Kickshaw

I haven’t done any restaurant posts in a while. There are a couple reasons for that. One, this really is mostly a cooking blog, cuz that’s what I do. Two, most of my eating out is done at night and it’s hard to get good photos in the dark. Three, even when the light is good, I generally don’t like taking lots of food pics in a restaurant, particularly if I’m with my friends. Today, however, I was in a great place, in the middle of the day, by myself and thought, hell, why not. Say hi to The Queens Kickshaw.

Say cheese!


No. 7 Sub, Porchetta, and Baoguette

I cook for myself a lot and I go out to eat sometimes, but what I never do, is grab a sandwich. And that’s a shame, because I love a good sandwich. Consequently, I had developed a backlog of sandwich shops that I’ve been meaning to try and have never gotten around to. I decided to do something about that a couple weeks ago and, oh man, was that the right decision.

The first place I went was No. 7 Sub, mostly because it’s so close to my office. It’s located in the too-cool-for-school Ace hotel, which also houses Stumptown (drool) and The Breslin (double drooooool). There’s no signage outside, but you can spot it from the people milling about outside around lunchtime. Inside it’s standing counters only and hipsters in I ❤ Bacon shirts (which is cool with me because I also heart bacon; bigtime).

Onward to the rest of the sandwiches!