Black Olive Sables

Well, we did it. If we make it through the next 8 hours, we’ve successfully finished another year. For me, this one was average at start, stressful in the the middle and exciting at the end. Who knows what next year will be. I can’t wait to see.



Mediterranean Barley Salad

The last couple months of the year are a precarious balancing act. How does one hit up 35 holiday parties, complete with indulgent food and overindulgent drink, and still manage to escape unscathed, at least as far as the scale is concerned?As far as I can tell, you can’t. Even this past week, before the Holiday wave had officially hit, there was a wine-and-naan-only dinner and a fried chicken and chocolate birthday cake fiasco. If you’re like me and have little-to-no self control around good food and drink, you’ll probably be feeing it come January. But what you CAN do is try your best to make those in-between meals as earnest as possible.


The First Supper!

So this wasn’t my first dinner party, but it is the first once since I started this here little blog. As dinner parties go, this one was disjointed, to say the least. Indecision, one of my few (ha!) less-than-awesome personality traits, won over and I just couldn’t pick a theme. What I ended up with were loosely french appetizers, moroccan main course and an english dessert. You know how you’re never supposed to try out new recipes on guests? Yeah I don’t follow that rule. Dinner parties are my chance to experiment with a whole lotta recipes all at once. It might be ill advised, but shoot, it’s fun. Keep ‘er movin’, there’s more!