White Peach and Ginger Galette

Usually, my New York life is a flurry of overcrowded subways, and long work days, and glasses of rosé on the couch; too much shopping, and empty bank accounts, and delivery sushi; tv watching, and sweaty apartments, and nights with my cats. But sometimes, my New York life is a little more spectacular. Sometimes I’m reminded where I live. Sometimes it’s more like this:

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Apple Cider Cream Pie

I often read my cooking magazines at the gym. I like the juxtaposition of working out while staring at food. I think it’s funny…I’m easily amused. Last Saturday while sweating on the elliptical, I ran across this gem. I HAD to have it. Immediately.

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Swiss Chard, Raisin, and Pine Nut Tart

I joined a CSA this year. For those of you that are unfamiliar, CSA stands for “Community Sponsored Agriculture.” In a nut shell, city folk buy a share of a local farm and then receive produce every week from the farm in question. They’re popular in cities, where there’s far more concrete than green space and it can be taxing to find good, inexpensive produce. The first week, the veggie take was piddly and I thought we (I’m splitting a share with a friend) had made a huge mistake. But, as promised, as the growing season goes on, our weekly share is getting bigger and bigger. What’s fun and challenging about the whole set-up is that you don’t get to choose what you get—you get whatever is growing—which can mean that you have to get really really creative in order to use up all. That. Chard.

Blissful confusion ahead…

Sausage, Butternut and Swiss Chard Pie

A’ight, let’s just put it out there. These pictures are terrible. I made this pie after work one night. It was dark out, which makes picture taking hard enough, but apparently, I was also craaaaazy shaky. I mean, I’m always shaky-I’ll never be a brain surgeon-but some days are noticeably worse than others. This was one of them. All I’m saying is please please don’t let these busted photos turn you off, because this thing is a winner.

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