Speculoos Buttons

Speculoos ButtonsIf I remember correctly, I first heard of Speculoos Spread from David Lebovitz’s amazing blog a few years ago. Apparently, Speculoos are a kind of Dutch gingersnap-like biscuit (cookie, to those of us on this side of the pond). Speculoos Spread, in turn, is the spicy, sticky concoction based on the original cookie. When I first read about it, I remember thinking that it sounded interesting and that I should look for it—afterall, David (clearly we’re on a first-name basis) actually mentioned that it might be better than Nutella, and if that was the case, I was IN—but I still couldn’t really imagine what it would be like.

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Gingerbread Beer Cake with Bittersweet Chocolate Icing

It’s been a while since there was a layer cake in these parts. Well, that’s not true at all….there were 10 of them recently, but they don’t really count. So cake time it is.

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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Loaf

I am well aware that I am far from the only one out there to love pumpkin. The majority of my friends wait year-round for the Octoberfests and pumpkin ales to pop up in the bodegas and pubs. We love the pumpkin lattes at starbucks. We can’t wait for the pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. Pumpkin and black bean soup is on the dinner roster. And there are those cute little mallow pumpkins that, although I know I should hate, I absolutely love. I know I am not even remotely unique in this seasonal pumpkin fascination, but I don’t care, I’ll be a lemming. And I can’t think of a better way to start off pumpkin madness that with the awesome loaf.
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